My $0.02 on college

Is College Really Worth the Cost???
My 2 cents on college revolves mainly around money. This is everyone’s largest complaint about higher education. Personally, I think it’s a little absurd to ask 18 – 22 year olds to put themselves into $30,000 to upwards of $100,000 in debt the moment they graduate high school. Outside of those who earn scholarships or are fortunate enough to have their parents pay for their education, most end up in debt that it takes years or even over a decade to pay off. Not only that, but a university will allow you to pay this much and earn a degree in a field where a simple bachelor’s isn’t enough to guarantee a job.

I have always been a supporter of entrepreneurship and self-employment. No college degree is needed to work for yourself and you may even end up making more money going this route. The route of an average 9 to 5 is certainly a lot safer, but there is usually a glass ceiling attached to the safety. You can only work so many hours and earn a certain salary range. Going the entrepreneur route removes that glass ceiling, but also removes your safety net. How much money you make depends entirely on you. You will avoid that five to six figure debt that accompanies most college degrees however.

The route I have chosen and the route I am the most an advocate of, is to hold a typical 9 to 5 while at the same time working after hours to further your own, independent business venture. Along with this website and blog, I also have begun a e-commerce store using dropshipping methods. Dropshipping is a technique that I will be doing a blob post on in the near future. For now, I will just end it with college is not for everyone. I myself, at the time of this post, am about 1 year away from graduating with a degree in Banking/Finance. I decided after high school to join the military and let good ol’ Uncle Sam pay for my education. No debt required on my part and it only asks for a four year commitment in return. Whichever route you all choose, good luck!!

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