Learning to Day Trade:

First let’s start off with what is day trading? Investopedia.com┬ádefines day trading as “the buying and selling of a security within a single trading day.” Basically, instead of investing long term for profit, stocks, securities, or commodities are bought and sold within hours or sometimes even minutes and never held overnight. I’ve always wanted to learn how this is done so I decided to invest in myself and purchase the Day Trading course located at Investopedia.com. In my opinion, this is a great sight for beginners to learn various topics involving trading and investing. Back to the course, as someone who has never day traded, I found the course pretty easy to follow. The instructor breaks things down to a pretty simple level and lets you know all the important aspects in day trading while leaving out the unnecessary noise. They point out the center of their day trading strategy pretty early on so you aren’t left attending this video based course for hours before learning anything of real use. The course is only about 5 hours long and will cost you about $200. The best investment is always yourself so if you are looking for a new skill to learn, consider giving it a try. The course provides short, interactive quizzes to make sure you are actually retaining the information. I recommend pairing this course with paper trading (virtual trading) and gaining some real world experience without the risk of losing your hard earned money (I am currently using this strategy myself). I’ll be writing on my paper trading successes and what platform I use in the future. Until then, Good luck!


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